Hey y’all, my name is Tawnya. Nice to meet you! I am  proud to be the mother of the most wonderful 4 year old little boy, Greyson. I’m a lover of coffee, anything crafty, reality tv (yes i admit it) and I’m sometimes a little OCD. I’m a Christian and find my strength, peace and accountability through our wonderful creator.
In a lot of ways, I think I think I’m pretty simple… I believe in the golden rule and would rather sit on my front porch drinking coffee and watch my little man play rather than go to the mall any day!  I’m pretty certain that I’m meant to live in the country with a porch swing and lots of animals rather than the city.
I like to keep a clean home, I love to scrapbook and I feel as if every moment is a memory and I like to capture those memories. My son would say I probably take too many pictures, I have over 2,000 on my phone at this very moment. I love to be creative whether it be with food, pictures, embroidery, making jewelry or art projects with G. My new venture… sewing. I bought my first sewing machine a couple of months ago, her name is Ellie. She and I didn’t get a long at first but we’re working through things.
I am also single mother however I do not let that define me. To be honest, sometimes I don’t feel as though I’m a single parent because I’m blessed to have the most amazing village in my corner always willing to lend a helping hand! I’ve learned a lot about myself the past few years… although I’m still trying to figure some things out, let’s be honest!

In most areas of life I am a “take the bull by the horns” sort of person. My parents never had to drag me to school kicking and screaming. I was the kid that loved school and obeyed the rules. I’m still very much that way today. I am a rule follower! My mother taught me at a very young age a lesson that has stuck with me to this day.. she would say, “shoot for the stars and you’ll land on the barn roof… but if you shoot for the barn roof, you’ll land on your backside.” So, in most things I do, I do them full force! Don’t tell me I cannot do something or I’m going to prove you wrong! Oh yea, I’m also pretty competitive.

I work an 8-5 job that I very much enjoy but I also need to keep busy. I love sales. I’ve always loved the challenge of sales. When I got laid off from my sales position as a Loan Officer for a Mortgage company a couple of years ago, I took a job that was not in sales but had other good qualities.

I soon found out that I needed something more. I need to be able to reap the benefits of what I sow. I want to set new goals for myself and kick butt and take names! Wait, did I say I was competitive? I found this perfect balance when I got into direct sales. I was able to set goals for myself, I was able to sell, have a flexible schedule and best of all, I loved it! And I don’t feel like it’s work if you love what you do. I love people, networking, marketing, helping people feel good and improving their lives. I started selling Gigi Hill Bags because I loved the product and there was a great deal going on for one day only. So, I took a leap and signed up. Couldn’t have come at a better time! Shortly after signing up for Gigi Hill I was asked by my Jamberry Nails Consultant… “hey, you love these things and you keep sending referrals to me because everyone is commenting on your nail wraps… Tawnya, are you sure you want to keep sending them to me or would you like the sales for yourself?” Oh,well when you put it that way… sign me up!

So now, here I am, loving what I do. Every part of it! I think the things that we strive for most in our lives is balance. I’m learning that it’s okay to say “no” to things and people. It’s okay to take a break and do things for yourself, to make yourself feel better.. you can’t be anything to anyone without first “taking care of u.”