Sometimes it’s as simple as making a choice… happiness is a choice and today’s a good day to have a good day! Do something today to make someone else smile even if it’s as small as smiling at them or holding the door for them.  🙂




Have a great day!




The daily to dos….

How do you organize your day? There is so much to remember from changing the laundry over when I get home, scheduling appointments, calling to cancel that free trail…without a plan, I would just get overwhelmed and for sure forget to do more than one thing!!

Life kinda feels like this sometimes!


This cracked me up! It’s so true and I’m happy to say that if I follow my list, I only have to do the laundry once!


Here’s what I’ve found helpful.. I ALWAYS have my calendar with me! That way, when an appointment is scheduled or an important date comes up, it goes on the calendar right away! For me, a good ol’ fashioned paper calendar works best. I just need to see it, touch it feel it… not quite converted to the electronic calendar… I think I’m weird like that 🙂

photo 1

Also, I have a daily to do list… this list I found on pinterest and it’s amazing! Falling in love with this blog life’s a journal


I keep it in front of me at all times and it reminds me of my fitness goals, to stay hydrated, today’s goals, the everyday stuff and there is even a place for “don’t forget to” which for me was perfect for things like returning a shirt etc. that don’t really have a place otherwise. And for me, keeping it on a clipboard, helps it not to get mixed up in all of the other papers. I found a cute clip board at Staples for a couple bucks.

So that’s how I roll, what’s your method?

Have a blessed day!!!



The great Spring Clean Up

Okay, who wants to go on a Spring cleaning ride? When I feel like there is too much clutter, I get stressed! It’s normal for some of us to not purge enough… think about how often something new is coming into your house… whether it’s mail, child’s school project or a new blouse. Do you get rid of something every time you get something new? I don’t! And then, without what I believe to be any notice, I feel like the walls are caving in on me! Okay, I’m totally exaggerating but you know what I mean… that overwhelming feeling that there is a drawer or closet that just needs to be cleaned out? I totally obsess about it until it’s done! So… Here goes! Time to spring clean! Regroup, organize, maybe paint a lil… it’ll be fun! Wanna come?

Naturally I start on Pinterest for organization and decor ideas right?? How ’bout this this for inspiration?

To Do for office

The order and organization makes me sooo happy!!! This is going to be great!