The great Spring Clean Up

Okay, who wants to go on a Spring cleaning ride? When I feel like there is too much clutter, I get stressed! It’s normal for some of us to not purge enough… think about how often something new is coming into your house… whether it’s mail, child’s school project or a new blouse. Do you get rid of something every time you get something new? I don’t! And then, without what I believe to be any notice, I feel like the walls are caving in on me! Okay, I’m totally exaggerating but you know what I mean… that overwhelming feeling that there is a drawer or closet that just needs to be cleaned out? I totally obsess about it until it’s done! So… Here goes! Time to spring clean! Regroup, organize, maybe paint a lil… it’ll be fun! Wanna come?

Naturally I start on Pinterest for organization and decor ideas right?? How ’bout this this for inspiration?

To Do for office

The order and organization makes me sooo happy!!! This is going to be great!





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