Wanna juice?

I used to juice.. and it quickly became a pain! It was a lot of work, a lot of produce and I had so little time… then I was turned on to the Nutribullet…


all of the same  fab benefits and less than half the mess!! I so love this little machine!

securedownload (1)I’ve got a couple recipe books that came with it and they are super helpful, especially for finding out what fruits/veggies are good for what.. etc. but sometimes I just like to do my own thing…

photo (23)

A couple of rules I stick to:

  • start with half greens such as kale or spinach
  • half fruit
  • add water (and ice.. they are better cold!)
  • I add Vi-Trim Clear Control
  • lastly, my boosters… right now i’m stuck on gogi berries etc… super good antioxidant and so much more! Going to venture out soon and try chia seeds! 🙂


It’s actually super yummy!!! And sooo good for you!! njoy! 🙂



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