Quench your thirst




John 4:13 (KJV)

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again


Friday Wrap Up

WOW! This past week has flown by! So much going on, I’m really looking forward to this weekend! We’ve got no big plans other than visiting with my Sis and church… should be fabulous!!!

I’m really trying to work out every day… even if it’s just a little bit, I need to move every day! These two guys are gonna be my new best friends!


Doin pretty good with the food and juicing although I fell of the wagon a couple days this week… one was because I was out of town for work and could have planned better…. onward and upward (well, as for the scale, downward I hope LOL)

I’ve also been planking as much as possible! It’s crazy how many muscles you use and especially your core!


I was pretty upset when I realized that every year I say the same thing…. get a plan and don’t follow through…. I think where I could be now if I had only stuck with it last year… But…. Now is the perfect time!


I found this awesome idea on Pinterest (thanks http://wp.me/pFdpB-Qrc for the idea!!) I am soo doing this!


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Can’t wait to catch up next week!

Wanna juice?

I used to juice.. and it quickly became a pain! It was a lot of work, a lot of produce and I had so little time… then I was turned on to the Nutribullet…


all of the same  fab benefits and less than half the mess!! I so love this little machine!

securedownload (1)I’ve got a couple recipe books that came with it and they are super helpful, especially for finding out what fruits/veggies are good for what.. etc. but sometimes I just like to do my own thing…

photo (23)

A couple of rules I stick to:

  • start with half greens such as kale or spinach
  • half fruit
  • add water (and ice.. they are better cold!)
  • I add Vi-Trim Clear Control
  • lastly, my boosters… right now i’m stuck on gogi berries etc… super good antioxidant and so much more! Going to venture out soon and try chia seeds! 🙂


It’s actually super yummy!!! And sooo good for you!! njoy! 🙂


The daily to dos….

How do you organize your day? There is so much to remember from changing the laundry over when I get home, scheduling appointments, calling to cancel that free trail…without a plan, I would just get overwhelmed and for sure forget to do more than one thing!!

Life kinda feels like this sometimes!


This cracked me up! It’s so true and I’m happy to say that if I follow my list, I only have to do the laundry once!


Here’s what I’ve found helpful.. I ALWAYS have my calendar with me! That way, when an appointment is scheduled or an important date comes up, it goes on the calendar right away! For me, a good ol’ fashioned paper calendar works best. I just need to see it, touch it feel it… not quite converted to the electronic calendar… I think I’m weird like that 🙂

photo 1

Also, I have a daily to do list… this list I found on pinterest and it’s amazing! Falling in love with this blog life’s a journal


I keep it in front of me at all times and it reminds me of my fitness goals, to stay hydrated, today’s goals, the everyday stuff and there is even a place for “don’t forget to” which for me was perfect for things like returning a shirt etc. that don’t really have a place otherwise. And for me, keeping it on a clipboard, helps it not to get mixed up in all of the other papers. I found a cute clip board at Staples for a couple bucks.

So that’s how I roll, what’s your method?

Have a blessed day!!!



Where do you want to be a year from now?

It’s so cliché but life is truly a journey, and I’ve decided to enjoy the ride! I feel as though it’s a book sometimes and different phases in life are different chapters.

images (1)

Currently, I’m in an epiphany chapter! I remember when I was 17 thinking I knew everything about life. Now I think… HA! That’s so cute! I feel as though I know less now! I guess that’s part of growing up and maturing right?

My thoughts now consist of; where am I now and where do I want to be a year from now? What needs to be done to get there?

moving forward

This journey is going to be a long one… but fun, exciting, rewarding and oh so worth it when I look back next year!

Here are a few things that are on my “to do by next year list” (btw- I’ve got many lists… part of the ocd thing..hehe)

To Do by Next Year

  • Spend more time with the lil man
  • Get Healthy (including but not limited to weight loss)
  • Run a half marathon
  • Happy, healthy clear skin
  • Become a leader with Gigi Hill and Jamberry
  • Balance – key to life I feel everyone is always searching for… let’s find it and KEEP it!

Thanks for joining me for this ride! In the words of my Grandma… sit down, shut up and hold on~